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Midtown Midwifery Collective 
Board Of Directors

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Danielle Pugh

Co-Founder & President

Danielle Pugh is the Co-Founder and President of the Midtown Midwifery Collective. When not envisioning ways to create a diverse field of doulas and midwives and provide trauma-responsive support to birthing people, Danielle is the Director of Judicial Education and Leadership at the Center for Court Innovation. For nearly two decades, Danielle has been working to end gender-based violence and improve the legal system. She has worked at the state, national, and international level throughout her career.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations and a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University. She is also a trained birth doula. Through the Midtown Midwifery Collective, Danielle had brought her passions for BIPOC birthing people, addressing sexual and domestic violence, and providing resources in her community. Danielle is the proud mom of two kids. She enjoys traveling, being with loved ones, and learning new things.

Tiffany Hoffman, MS, LM, CPM, LCCE

Co-founder & Secretary

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Amanda Macdonald, LM, CPM 


Accepting Board Applications

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